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Wolf at Midnight
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August 2014
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wolfatmidnight [userpic]
#2 Multifandom icon batch

You'll find 25 icons + 6 alternatives under the cut, made in the past months.

Includes entries from tvshowsic & thetenthgate

Fandoms included: Game of Thrones (2), Teen Wolf (6), Doctor Who (2), Once upon a time (1),  The Hunger Games (2), Breaking Bad (1), Supernatural (2), Almost Human (1), Sleepy Hollow (4), The Tomorrow People (1), Lily Collins (1), Pretty Little Liars (1), Reign (1).


+Comment if taking
+Credit wolfatmidnight or fearthewolf if using
+Do not hotlink
+Feedback is cool



Snagged some! Thanks for making some TTP icons. They are VERY hard to find. Hopefully you will make some more soon! :)

Edited at 2014-07-15 02:14 am (UTC)

No prob :D I saved a bunch of screencaps so I'll try to make some more soon ^^

I really enjoy your work! Beautiful icons. :)

I just made the connection between your user name here and your DA account. Earlier this year, I went on a resource downloading spree to begin replacing my textures that were lost when my old HD died. I downloaded a LOT of files that I ended up not using but your texture sets are so pretty and the colors work well for my taste. I've turned them into PS patterns and use them quite a bit. Thank you!

Hey, thanks :D I'm glad you find them useful ^^ I'm currently finishing a new textures pack with 100 mixed type 100x100 textures :3 I'll post them as soon as possible n_n

Not taking but I wanted to say that these are gorgeous. I used to make icons but they were never as amazing as these.